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First off, I must apologize for the terrible photos. I took them with my Kodak MC3, which, is great for everything it does (MP3's, video, etc) except as a digital camera. I will be taking much better finished shots shortly.
UPDATE: I have since added 3 new photos (27,28,29) One really nice outside shot, and two inside the cabinet close ups.

With that said, Welcome to Arcade Dreams. This site is dedicated to the arcade cabinet that my brother and I have built.

The cabinet was built using Oak Plywood and stained with a golden stain. It really brings out the natrual oak. I designed the marquee in photoshop, and took it to a local sign shop to be reverse-printed on backlit material. I made it 28" x 9" (later cut down to 28" x 8") and it cost $36. It was worth it in the long run, as it looks very professional (cause, hey, it is). Right now there are two control panel tops that are swappable. The second one will be two spinners and two trackballs w/ three buttons for each, of two, players.

UPDATE.. I have taken a pic of the coin door.. it is photo number 30.. head on over to the photos page to check it out.

I will have more content shortly, but this will have to do at the moment.

  ~ DarkWolfNine

Copyright 2002 Chris Muzatko

My Arcade Cabinet